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Where to play Risk online free with no download or with a Client

Everybody loves the old classic multiplayer world domination Risk strategy game right? Well, I do and it just so happens that I have found 15 great places to play Risk online

The first place is where you can download Risk to your PC to play against the computer. It’s called ‘Lux Delux’ and you can find details on where to download it below.

The second place which is called ‘Conquer club’ is a great little site where lots of people play against each other.

The first option is more suitable for you if you want to actually download the game to your PC, the downloadable Risk PC game version does have its restrictions due to the fact that you cannot play against others online and neither do you have access to all of the available maps (there are around 350 maps at time of writing) to play on unless you buy the full version, on the upside it is very cheap.

The full version of this simulation can be bought for a small fee and then you are free to play online Risk against friends and others who also own the full version, Definitely worth a look if you are a die-hard Risk boardgame fan and have buddies who feel the same way.

The second site which is know as ‘Conquer club’ should sway you more if you want to play for free and are not interested in a download option. Here you can get involved in up to 4 games at a time with the free membership but if you decide to upgrade to the full version at a later date you can play in as many games as you like which also include speed Risk games.

I find this site ideal for myself as I do not really want to get involved for hours at a time when I play, I just prefer to take my turns over a cup of hot coffee in the morning before work or mull over my move options with a beer in the evening. The other positive which I like about this site is the active forum where you can get involved with chat about game strategy with other experienced players.

Whichever method you would prefer, both are fun and great versions to get involved in and also, in my humble opinion, the best online Risk games you can find on the internet.

Where to Play Risk Online (Additional Resources)

  1. Lux Delux Risk download for Mac or Windows (Online or against computer, you can also download a Risk demo game)

    Play Risk Online Lux Delux Screenshot

  6. (Hasbro Risk 2)
  7. (Free download)
  9. (Free Risk download)
  10. ‘Conqueror’ Facebook Risk application
  13. (Risk for Mac)
  14. (Download, again with a free Risk demo game)
  15. Mission Risk (Downloadable Risk freeware game, Google it to find a shareware site in your area)
  16. ‘Attack!’ Facebook Risk application (Free Risk game on Facebook, Discontinued but perhaps it will return?)

Just about all of the above applications are good to play on if you are into the game anyway, newbs to the game might expect something more however and drop out before they ever get a real taste of the true addictive properties of this awesome strategy board game. If you come in this category then I strongly suggest you stay with the game until you have a full understanding of most of the tactical nuances that lead to addiction when you play Risk online. You won’t regret it!

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