Three Easy Ways To Get A $1500 Loan

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Need A $1500 Loan Fast?

Applying for a loan anywhere isn’t exactly rocket science, but there are a lot of things that you can do to make it even easier. In this post I want to help you get the $1500 loan that you need by offering details of three different types of loans that are simple and quick. We’ll cover how to get loans from your bank, title loans, and installment loans.

Getting a loan from your bank isn’t always fast cash, but it’s always going to be the most affordable option. Banks will always offer you the lowest interest rates since they only lend to people with at least decent credit. You can drive to your bank or credit union to go fill out the application, but most large banks will also allow you to do it in your online banking account. I use Wells Fargo and they have a lot of different types of loans that you can apply for right there. They’ll probably give you a call or ask you to come down to a branch at some point to verify that you’re the one that applied, but it’s extremely easy.

How to get a fast cash $1500 loan from companies similar to Plain Green Loans and Think Cash

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Title loans are perfect for those that have bad credit and own a car that’s paid in full. You’re able to use your car as collateral in these secured loans, but that also means that your car will be repossessed if you don’t pay it back. Most lenders will offer you 50% of the value of your car as a loan, so to qualify for a $1500 loan your car has to be worth at least $3000. Did I mention that these lenders hook you up with cash fast? The entire process will only take about two hours from application to getting your check.

Using Companies Like Plain Green Loans and Think Cash

Installment loans come in a lot of different flavors, but companies like Think Cash and companies like Plain Green Loans* and similar will offer them for people with bad credit in most states. A lot of these installment loan lenders will not check your credit when the loan size is $1500 or less, so you can get a loan $1500 loan fast this way.

It’s tough to figure out which type of loan you should get, but I hope that with the info here you will have a much clearer idea of where to turn next.

*Plain Green Loans may allow up to $1400 loans on your second loan if you have a good payment history with them.

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